April 23, 2009

girls in the game

I've got a few wonderful shots that I did recently with EPIC and Girls in the Game. Whenever you get a chance you really should check out both organizations. Both are located here in Chicago but while Girls in the Game is changing and improving the lives of hundreds of young girls, EPIC is making it easier for creatives to interact & help change the world... one project at a time.

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  1. Wow! I LOVE these shots! Gorgeous! I was just peeking through your page....great shots!!! I actually found you by googling ROO because if I have a boy in April I was thinking of naming him Roo & now that my husband isfinally on board with the name I am freaking out a little...do you like being a Roo? Any input you have on the topic I would LOVE to know!!! Thanks Roo! Hope it okay I left this message here. Feel free to delete it if you would rather keep this professional!