May 6, 2009

home again, gone again

Just got back to Chicago from a great trip to Charleston, SC. I shot a range of food/product work for the fall issue of Charleston Weddings Magazine. Its gonna be gorgeous!  Not only do I love having an excuse to head back to the lowcountry every now & then, but I really enjoy working with all the fantastic & talented people at the mag! I don't get to shoot food very often, and when I do I'm always thrilled when it turns out as beautiful as what I shoot with them. I'll post some of the best sometime in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime... even though I just got back, I'm gearing up for some adventure work in the NC mountains. If the weather holds out, this should be alot of fun shooting portraits, kayakers, & swimmin' holes. Tempted to pack a wetsuit. It may be in the 80s there, but those rivers are still cold!