April 23, 2009

girls in the game

I've got a few wonderful shots that I did recently with EPIC and Girls in the Game. Whenever you get a chance you really should check out both organizations. Both are located here in Chicago but while Girls in the Game is changing and improving the lives of hundreds of young girls, EPIC is making it easier for creatives to interact & help change the world... one project at a time.

April 22, 2009

you're a handsome devil, what's your name?

Woohoo! I just got picked up by the well-known group Wonderful Machine! I'm excited to be included in such an excellent group of photographers! Maybe not the image I would have chosen to use, but I do love that they're using the "handlebar roo" photo. Just click on the image to check them (and me) out. 

April 13, 2009

new site coming very soon!!

ghosts of christmas past

Thought I'd post a snapshot I came across on this cold and rainy Chicago day, from a not-too-distant trip to Puerto Rico.